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Thought Provoking Movies that make you think deeply

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Since the middle of the 1900s, movies have changed society, and as time went on, they began to get better. After quality standards were set, movies began to have different plots. No matter how entertaining they were, movies could teach you something, make you feel or remember something, or change the way you look at things. The best movies were the ones that did all three of these things well. WARNING: Summaries of movies may give away important details, so read at your own risk.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic drama with a dash of science fiction, but it’s not until you start thinking about it that you realize how profound it is. After a big fight, Joel and Clementine decide to end their relationship, and Clem decides to erase all of her memories of Joel. Later, Joel tries to make up with her and get back together, but he soon finds out that she has no idea who he is. Joel decides to have his memories of Clem erased because he wants to get even with Clem and because he is a small person. During his procedure, though, things went wrong because of mistakes made by employees and poor company quality, both of which were caused by romantic relationships between employees. One worker even tries to seduce Clem by using memories from both Joel and Clem’s procedures, but it doesn’t work very well. After Joel and Clem had an affair with their boss and had a fight, another worker tried to send them tapes of their erased memories. Joel remembers one thing about Clem when he wakes up from the surgery. It’s a place called Montauk. They both don’t know about their past relationships when they meet there and start a new one. This goes on until Clem gets the tape of her angry memories of Joel and plays it for him. He leaves, thinking it was a fake, because he was disgusted by the tape. When he gets home, he finds that his tape has been delivered, and Joel and Clem realize that they are no longer together. They decide to try to work through the problems and give love a second chance. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a movie about the power of memories and how love affects the mind and soul.


Interstellar is full of things that will make you think for a long time after you’ve finished it. After a global famine, Cooper, a former NASA pilot who became a farmer, is where this complicated story begins. NASA calls him and asks him to help the government find another place for Earth. Cooper agrees to be the main pilot of the spaceship, which upsets his daughter, who says she can see messages telling him not to go on the trip. Cooper takes a wrong turn into a wormhole and comes out 23 years later to find that his daughter is now his age and works as a scientist at NASA. He keeps going on the journey, but after a big fight and betrayal, he ends up in the fifth dimension, where he can manipulate things to talk to his daughter at any time. He can tell his daughter enough about his trip to give her enough information to solve an equation about gravity. This will make rockets strong enough to take everyone off of Earth. He is eventually saved from this world by explorers from the future. Cooper is reunited with his daughter, who is now 100 years old and was given credit for moving people to the new space station on Earth. She tells him to keep exploring space and find the rest of his team, who have set up a new society on a planet where people can live. With its interdimensional parallel structure, this movie bridges the gap between our world and the unknown. Even though it’s hard to think about other dimensions, the story is exciting and full of action.

A Beautiful Mind

This psychological drama, which is loosely based on a true story, is about a smart and mentally skilled Princeton student named John Nash. He is found out and asked to work with the Department of Defense to break the Soviets’ codes and patterns in order to fight them. As he starts to worry about his safety, he falls in love with one of his students, and one of his “friends” tells him to marry her. After Nash throws a fit in public, he is moved to a psychiatric ward and told he has schizophrenia. Nash starts to talk to his imaginary people more often after he gets out of jail. This leads to violent and careless interactions with his real family until he realises that his imaginary girl doesn’t grow, which helps him tell the difference between reality and his thoughts. He eventually joins society and his mathematical society again, but he still sees his imaginary hallucinations, even though he knows they are real.

On the surface, A Beautiful Mind shows what causes mental disorders like schizophrenia and shows how to deal with problems instead of running away from them.

Donnie Darko

Psychological suspense Donnie Darko strikes a good balance between quiet and scary. One day, Donnie Darko sleepwalks and meets a giant rabbit, who tells him that the world will end in about four weeks. He wakes up on a golf course with an unknown jet stuck in his bedroom. Darko is taken to a psychiatric doctor after he sees the rabbit again in his dreams. The doctor says that Darko has schizophrenia. After meeting Gretchen, the new girl, and an old scientist who knows a lot about time travel, the rabbit starts to control Darko more and more. Darko is persuaded to mess up his school, disobey his teachers, and even set someone else’s house on fire. At a Halloween party, Darko and Gretchen take their relationship to the next level. They try to go see the scientist, but instead they fight, and Gretchen gets hit by a car driven by Darko’s sister’s boyfriend, who is wearing a costume of the rabbit from Darko’s hallucinations. As a portal opens above the boyfriend’s bedroom and draws in a passing plane, Darko kills him. Darko wakes up again on that first day four weeks ago, just before the jet crashes into his room and kills him. In the last scene, Gretchen and the rest of the community wake up to a new, different reality. Donnie Darko is another movie about traveling through time. It talks about what life is all about and how different ways of looking at it can all be right. It may take more than one viewing to fully understand the whole story.

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