Friedrich Nietzsche – “Will to Truth”

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  • 😓 Truth is difficult, hard to pursue, and even more difficult to communicate effectively.
  • 🧐 Looking inward towards ourselves is crucial to understanding our true identities and motivations.
  • 📺 Social media and entertainment can be tempting distractions from the pursuit of truth.
  • 💡 Realizing the impact of social media on our perception of truth can lead to positive growth.
  • 🤔 The internal exploration of ourselves can be challenging but necessary for personal development.
  • 🚧 Choosing the difficult path, like Hercules, leads to a more meaningful and honorable life.
  • 👀 Social media platforms are deceptive and divert us from the pursuit of genuine truth.

According to Friedrich Nietzsche:

WHAT exactly is our “Will to Truth”? In reality, we came to a complete rest at the question of the genesis of this Will, until we finally came to a complete halt before a yet more fundamental question. We inquired about the WILL’S VALUE. Given that we desire the truth, WHY NOT RATHER UNTRUE? And what about uncertainty? Is it even possible to be ignorant? The problem of the value of truth revealed itself to us — or was it the problem who presented itself to us?

Truth, by definition difficult and elusive, presents a significant task in its pursuit, especially when we turn our focus inward, attempting to fathom the intricate workings of our innermost selves, profound motivations, and the substance of our existence.

Because of the complexities involved, it is easy to turn to the domain of “untruth,” which is represented by the attractive appeal of social media and various types of entertainment such as movies, celebrity culture, and video games.

The pursuit of “untruth” provides an attractive escape, a path of least resistance that requires nothing more than our complete attention, diverting us from reflection and our role within the magnificent fabric of creation. However, by succumbing to this allure, our valuable attention is lost on the chase of falsity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, movies, television shows, gaming, and other similar platforms are all manifestations of this “untruth.” These external entities entice us, leading us to seek truth via others while, in reality, it is this “untruth” that pervades our consciousness with each diversion of attention.

Truth demands abandoning these artificial social media platforms, which are deliberately constructed to trap and monopolise our attention, diverting us from the quest of genuine truth. Genuine truth can be reached in the depths of self-reflection, examining the reasons behind our proclivity to place such a high value on entertainment and social media in our lives.

If we choose to act on this realisation, acknowledging the significant impact of channels like social media on our perception of truth can serve as a catalyst for personal progress. However, the introspective trip will not be simple, as we will meet truths that will be disturbing and onerous. As complex organisms, we face the daunting task of grasping anything complicated.

The path of difficulties lies ahead of us, similar to Hercules’ Choice, where we must choose between embracing rigorous endeavours and honourable ambitions or succumbing to the attraction of pleasure. Hercules’ every ambition would have been achieved if he had taken the easy route.

Such an easy trip, however, would have been devoid of substance, depth, and honour in his life. Similarly, we enable entertainment and social media to attract and monopolise our attention in a similar way.

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