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DJI Osmo Action 4 Review: The Ultimate Adventure-Ready Camera

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Are you a passionate explorer or vlogger in search of the ideal action camera to record your exhilarating adventures? The only camera you need is the DJI Osmo Action 4. In this in-depth review, we explore the features, performance, and benefits of this remarkable camera, making a compelling case for why it should be your top choice among action cameras.


Since the release of the Osmo Action in 2019, DJI has been a formidable competitor in the world of action cameras, challenging GoPro’s dominance. With the release of the DJI Osmo Action 4, the issue arises as to whether or not it has what it takes to surpass its competitors. In this review, we will examine the Osmo Action 4’s new features and functions and evaluate its potential as one of the finest action cameras on the market.


  • Price: $399 / £379 
  • Sensor: 1/1.3 inch CMOS sensor 
  • Resolution: Full HD to 4K 
  • Waterproof: Up to 18 metres 
  • Image Stabilisation: Built-in 
  • Field of View: 155 degrees


The tangible differences between the Osmo Action 3 and Action 4 are minimal at first inspection. Both are the same size and weight, making them compatible with third-party accessories already in existence. Additionally, the Action 4 retains the well-known magnetic Quick Release design, allowing for seamless transitions between regular and portrait photography.

The consistent battery life of 160 minutes is supported by USB-C rapid charging. The Adventure Combo consists of three batteries and an innovative battery housing that allows for simultaneous charging.

Both cameras have a front-facing LCD measuring 1.4 inches, making them ideal for vloggers, as well as three microphones for superior audio capture. The 2.25-inch rear LCD has the same size and resolution as the Action 3, and both have RockSteady 3.0 stabilisation.

Innovative Low-Light Recording

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is distinguished by its exceptional low-light recording capabilities. If you frequently find yourself in low-light settings, this camera is the perfect companion. It may not have the same number of pixels as its competitor, the GoPro Hero11 Black, but it outperforms the GoPro in low-light conditions and has a longer battery life per charge.

Superb Construction Quality

The Action 4 combines robust durability with a stylish appearance. Its durable, impermeable construction enables it to withstand the harshest environments, including 59-foot-deep underwater excursions. With dimensions of 1.7 by 2.8 by 1.3 inches and a weight of 5.1 ounces, the camera is remarkably simple to mount, making it an excellent option for capturing action sports.

Innovative Characteristics

DJI, renowned for its innovation in the world of drones, has introduced the Osmo Action 4 to the market for action cameras. It pioneered the concept of a colour display on the front of a camera, which GoPro later adopted. This innovation exemplifies DJI’s dedication to breaking new ground and establishing new standards in action camera design.

Versatile Options for Mounting

The Osmo Action 4 offers convenient and versatile mounting options. Its magnetic mounting clip enables rapid and simple attachment, allowing you to easily transition between mounting locations. While the GoPro incorporates its attach points into its body, the Osmo’s magnetic mount system offers the advantage of convenience. However, it’s important not to lose the mount, as replacements can be costly.

Plenty of Accessories

DJI offers a variety of accessories for the Osmo Action 4 to enhance its functionality. From ND filters to wireless microphones, extension rods, and handlebar attachments, you will find everything you need to tailor your configuration to your particular requirements. What’s more, GoPro mounting accessories are also compatible with the Osmo Action 4, offering even more options for customization.

User-Friendly Controls

The user-friendly interface of the Osmo Action 4 facilitates access to essential controls. With physical controls for recording and mode changes, as well as responsive front and rear touch displays, the camera is simple to operate. In addition, the camera supports voice commands, allowing for hands-free operation—an excellent feature for those donning mittens or who need to operate the camera in difficult-to-reach positions.

Battery Performance

The extraordinary battery life of the Osmo Action 4 is one of its most notable features. In terms of continuous recording duration, it outperforms the GoPro Hero11 Black by providing up to 78 minutes of 4K60 recording on a completely charged battery. This extended recording duration guarantees that you won’t miss a single moment of your excursions, even in challenging conditions.

Superior Low-Light Efficiency

Instead of competing with the GoPro Hero11 Black in terms of pixel count, the Osmo Action 4 concentrates on delivering exceptional low-light performance. Equipped with a Type 1/1.3 sensor, it produces clear and high-quality footage in low-light conditions. To obtain the greatest results when shooting in challenging illumination conditions, a slower frame rate is recommended.

Improved Colour Profiles

DJI offers two colour profiles to its users: Standard and D-Log M. The Standard profile provides footage with a natural appearance and vibrant colours, making it ideal for simple editing and sharing. The D-Log M profile, on the other hand, increases colour sampling to 10-bit, granting greater control over colour correction during post-processing. This versatility is beneficial for videographers with sophisticated editing skills.

Outstanding Stability

The Osmo Action 4 incorporates DJI’s RockSteady stabilisation, which efficiently eliminates jitters and imparts a gimbal-like quality to handheld footage. This stabilisation is comparable to GoPro’s Hypersmooth, ensuring that your footage remains constant in even the most dynamic situations. The camera also excels at generating exceedingly smooth and captivating hyperlapse footage.

Wide-Angle Lens and Viewing Options

The Osmo Action 4 features an ultra-wide lens with a field of view comparable to an 11mm full-frame lens. This angle is ideal for capturing the magnificence of your excursions. In addition, the camera offers viewing alternatives with varying degrees of aberration correction, allowing you to select the perspective that best complements your artistic vision.

Outstanding Photographic Quality

While the Osmo Action 4 may not match the pixel count of the GoPro Hero11 Black, its 10MP photos with a 4:3 aspect ratio in JPG or DNG format and customizable exposure and colour settings provide precise detail. Whether you’re capturing action pictures or breathtaking vistas, the Osmo Action 4 has commendable photo quality.

Audio Perfection

Audio quality is an essential component of action cameras, and the Osmo Action 4 delivers. Ensuring that your audio is crisp and immersive, recordings capture distinct voices with a trace of ambient sound. While the camera’s internal microphone performs admirably, an external microphone can be connected via the USB-C interface for enhanced audio capabilities.

Friendly User Interface

The intuitive interface of the Osmo Action 4 simplifies the photography process. The 2-inch touch screen features indicators that double as touch controls, allowing for rapid mode changes and configuration adjustments. Regardless of whether you are in video, photo, or time-lapse mode, the interface facilitates navigation.

Connection and Real-Time Streaming

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity alternatives are available on the Osmo Action 4, allowing for seamless communication with the DJI Mimo smartphone app. This application provides remote control capabilities, mobile editing capabilities, and firmware upgrades. In addition, the camera supports live transmission via Wi-Fi and USB-C, making it an excellent option for content creators and live broadcasters.

Software and Storage

To activate the Osmo Action 4, you must install the DJI Mimo app on your mobile device and create a DJI account. This may seem like an unnecessary procedure, but it ensures the security and functionality of the camera. For video storage, the camera requires a microSD card, and any card with a V30 rating or higher is suitable.

The verdict

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is a formidable competitor in the market for action cameras. It is the camera of choice for explorers, vloggers, and content creators due to its exceptional low-light performance, exceptional battery life, durable construction, and versatile features. While the GoPro Hero11 Black remains a formidable competitor, the Osmo Action 4’s distinctive advantages and competitive price make it a compelling alternative.

The DJI Osmo Action 4 is an action camera that excels in challenging lighting conditions, provides excellent stabilisation, and offers a wide variety of creative options. Elevate your content creation and capture your excursions like never before with this extraordinary action camera.


Significant enhancements have been made to the Action 4’s internals, particularly the sensor. It replaces the Action 3’s 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor with a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, comparable to that of the DJI Air 3 drone. This results in larger pixel sizes, which improves image fidelity in low-light conditions. The Action 4 retains the same frame rates as its predecessor, which include 4K at 120p.

A notable change is the transition from the Cinelike profile to 10-bit D-Log, which offers a wider dynamic range and greater colour grading flexibility during post-production.

The Action 4 supports MicroSD cards with larger storage capacities and has enhanced water resistance, rated at 18 metres as opposed to 16 metres for the Action 3.


The compact dimensions and wide 155-degree field of view of Osmo Action cameras are invaluable for users who capture action-packed recordings. They can withstand the rigours of daily use and inadvertent accidents. Notably, the Action 4’s larger sensor results in livelier and more detailed footage, especially in low-light conditions.

Beyond this point, video quality begins to degrade. Still images, however, are limited to 10MP, falling short of the 27MP capability of the GoPro Hero12 Black.


DJI has focused on enhancing image quality with the Osmo Action 4 rather than altering its form factor, a choice that benefits existing Action 3 users with compatible accessories. It is a sturdy action camera with a respectable battery life, a range of resolutions and frame rates, and a multitude of accessories. However, it lags behind GoPro in terms of still image capture and lacks 5.7K video capability, preventing it from claiming the title. In spite of this, the DJI Osmo Action 4 remains an excellent option for those in search of a rugged, versatile action camera.


  • Robust action camera – Long-lasting battery – Diverse resolutions and frame rates – Extensive accessory selection


  • Lower resolution for photographic stills
  • Lacks support for 5.7K video capture
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