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Discover the Top 20 Tourist Attractions in the United States

Explore the beauty and diversity of the United States with our travel guide. Let us help you plan your dream trip to the United States and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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It’s no secret that the United States is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and iconic landmarks. Tourists from all over the world flock to the United States to see several of its greatest attractions. The first step is to create a list of potential destinations. Yet, because of the vastness of the country, most tourists choose to visit a specific area, such as the Northeast, the Southwest, the Gulf Coast, the Pacific Northwest, or the Hawaiian Islands. See famous landmarks in the city or venture out to some of the best national parks and other wilderness regions the United States has to offer. You can often combine the two with just a couple of day trips. You can take your pick from several amazing locations across the country. These are the top places to visit in the United States if you have the required amount of time and money.

1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park’s beautiful landscape and amazing natural events are caused by a huge volcano that has been dormant for a long time. Large numbers of people visit Yellowstone every year to see the park’s many natural wonders, such as the geysers and hot springs, as well as the breathtaking waterfalls that line the Yellowstone River. Wild bison, bighorn sheep, antelope, black bears, and grizzly bears roam freely in the park, which is the oldest national park in the United States. Camping in the park is also an enjoyable experience. Around Yellowstone, you’ll find 12 campgrounds with a total of 2,000 campsites. More than 300 thermal formations and 200 breathtaking waterfalls may be found in Yellowstone National Park, which covers an impressive 2.2 million acres. The terrain is varied, so we hope you packed your hiking shoes.

The scenery here is very stunning, and the wildlife appears to loom over you. Almost every 90 minutes, steam may be seen rising 185 feet from Old Faithful. There appear to be bisons everywhere. Mountain streams are clean and clear, and the evergreens that give off a pleasant aroma may be found just about anywhere. There is no idleness among all this natural abundance. It’s like having a giant outdoor playroom all to yourself. Go for a walk, ride a bike, fish for trout on a fly, paddle a kayak, go snowmobiling, or cross country ski. Each kind of outdoor pursuit you can imagine is possible in and around Yellowstone National Park.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, which straddles the international boundary between Canada and the United States, is one of the world’s most well-known waterfalls. Through these massive waterfalls, water from Lake Erie makes its way to Lake Ontario. They are well-known for the constant flow of water over the sheer cliff face. Horseshoe Falls, the greatest section, has a drop of 187 feet and is located on the Canadian side of the river. The American Falls, located on the American side of the river, have a drop of 89 feet, while Bridal Veil Falls, located adjacent to the American Falls, have a drop of 78 feet. Both sides of the river have beautiful scenery, but if you don’t mind crossing into Canada, you should definitely check out the Canadian side. Most tourists flock to Niagara Falls in the summer when the weather is nice, the flowers are blooming, and it’s easier to get around. Seeing the coastlines coated in snow and the railings, street signs, and trees covered in ice is a sight that can only be seen in the winter. That looks like a scene out of a winter fantasy. On clear days, the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, Canada, on the opposite shore of Lake Ontario, can be seen through the mist rising from Niagara Falls.

3. Walt Disney World Resort

This Orlando theme park has been a popular destination for families of all ages for decades. Walt Disney World started in 1971, but it still manages to captivate the imaginations of kids and adults alike. Everything from gourmet dining to golf is part of the Walt Disney World Resort, not just the many theme parks and water parks. You can easily spend a week here, or even just a day. The Atlantic coast of Florida’s beaches is only an hour away, so you can easily satisfy any sand-and-surf cravings you might have.

4.Grand Canyon

This breathtaking natural wonder is a popular tourist destination. The Grand Canyon is a deep ravine in Arizona, whose cliffs and ledges were hewn out by the Colorado River. From the canyon’s edge, sightseers may survey the vast landscape, from distant hills and cliffs to the canyon floor a mile below. The most popular part of Grand Canyon National Park is the South Rim, which can be reached from Las Vegas in roughly 4.5 hours. A sizable tourist centre, bus service around the rim during peak season, and a boardwalk across the length of the canyon with many vantage points can all be found here. You may start a number of great walks, including the Bright Angel Trail, from this location. The Skywalk, a transparent walkway that extends out over the brink of the Grand Canyon, is another well-visited site. This spot can be found on the West Rim at Eagle Point. It takes roughly four hours to drive here from the South Rim, but it’s usually less than two and a half hours from Las Vegas. Day trips from Las Vegas can be easily organised to this region. You can see things from a new angle at the North Rim’s observation points. From November through May, when snow and ice make travel difficult, fewer people visit this part of the park.

5.The White House

In Washington, you really must visit the White House, the official residence of the President of the United States. With the exception of George Washington, this historic building has housed every president. North of the White House, in Lafayette Park, is a pedestrian-only zone packed with colorful individuals and picture-perfect backdrops. James Hoban first constructed it in 1792; however, it was destroyed by British forces in 1814 and not rebuilt until 1818. Reservations for tours of the White House are free of charge, but at least three weeks’ advance notice is required. Strict security measures are always in place.

7. Las Vegas Strip

The Strip in Las Vegas is like an adult theme park; it is the main thoroughfare through the city and is lined with enormous resorts. This well-known boulevard is lined by replicas of iconic foreign landmarks like the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower, and the canals of Venice. At one end is the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel, where you may find all sorts of oddities and entertainment, including an erupting volcano and dancing fountains. Las Vegas has a wide variety of free attractions, and many of them are among the city’s greatest.

The nonstop performance schedule in Las Vegas is a major draw for tourists. When great musicians from throughout the world decide to settle down, they often choose Las Vegas as their permanent residence and centre of operations. Also featured nightly are a wide variety of one-of-a-kind performing ensembles offering anything from magic to stand-up comedy to acrobatics. If you become tired of the bright lights and late hours of Las Vegas, you can always take a day excursion to one of the nearby cities or towns. Explore Death Valley National Park, Hoover Dam, and Valley of Fire State Park, all within a short driving distance. There are many hiking routes in the desert near Las Vegas, some of which are only a few minutes away from the city centre.

8. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, one of the most visited tourist destinations in California and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the United States, is a must-see for any nature lover. To truly comprehend the magnitude of iconic landmarks like Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan and Half Dome, one must see them with one’s own eyes. As a result of mountain snowfall or unexpected summer rainstorms, the park is also home to enormous waterfalls that cascade over cliff faces. Several outdoor pursuits, including strolling, climbing, horseback riding, and trekking, can be enjoyed at Yosemite National Park. Some of Yosemite’s most beautiful spots, and a chance to get away from the throng at lookouts, are accessible via hiking routes. Those less interested in hiking or other forms of physical activity can still appreciate Yosemite’s breathtaking scenery while enjoying a leisurely picnic. Driving tours of the park are another great way to explore the sights. There are only a few lodges and a handful of excellent campgrounds within the park’s boundaries. There are a plethora of choices outside the gates.

9. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, which spans San Francisco Bay and connects the city to Marin County, has been a California landmark since its construction in the 1930s. The bridge’s orangish-red hue stands out well against the water’s blue hue, adding a touch of flair to the urban landscape. It looks very striking when it is covered in fog and only the tops of the main towers can be seen. The span of the bridge, which is a component of SR 1 (Highway 101), is roughly two miles. Conzelman Road in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a great place to go sightseeing on a clear day.

10. Times Square

Times Square in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan is a bustling commercial and tourist destination. Every day of the year, thousands of people converge there to watch the New Year’s Eve countdown. At non-peak times, the excitement of watching cabs race by and lights flash overhead is more memorable than any one structure or monument in the square. It’s interesting throughout the day, but you need to wait until nighttime to fully appreciate it. The location is among the most recognized on the globe. Large billboards, flashing lights, and a constant flow of people have made it famous.

Time Square was renamed from Longacre Square in 1904 when the New York Times relocated its offices to the newly constructed Times Building (now known as One Times Square) on 42nd Street. Nowadays, there are numerous entertainment options in and around Times Square. The renowned TKTS booth, where one may get discounted tickets to Broadway performances, is located there. The New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square are well-known around the world. Since 1907, hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to Times Square to watch the New Year’s Eve ball drop. As a whole, Times Square is a popular destination for visitors and New Yorkers alike.

11. Freedom Trail in Boston

The Freedom Trail in Boston is a path that spans 2.5 miles and passes by numerous historical sites. A red line depicts the route, which meanders through Boston’s streets and links 16 major landmarks and points of historical interest. Walking from Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States, to the Bunker Hill Monument, a 221-foot granite obelisk commemorating the Battle of Bunker Hill, is the trail’s final destination. The USS Constitution Museum, Paul Revere’s Mansion, the Old North Church, and the Massachusetts State House are just a few of the stops along the journey. The Freedom Trail is a great opportunity to learn about Boston’s history and culture and a popular destination for visitors. A visitor centre is located on Boston Common, where guests may get maps and information on the trail, as well as book guided tours or venture out on their own. The Freedom Trail is renowned for more than just its historical significance; it is also a visual beauty with its attractive cobblestone streets, brick sidewalks, and picturesque buildings that display the city’s particular architecture. The Freedom Trail is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Boston’s history and culture, and it’s a must-visit for anyone who’s curious about the United States’ past. Get your bearings at the Visitors Center on Boston Common, where you can get itineraries and other tour information for the path and various sights. The State House, the Old State House, the Old Granary Burying Ground, the Old City Hall, Faneuil Hall, and the Paul Revere Mansion are just a few of the many landmarks along the Freedom Trail.

12. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is the most well-known emblem of America and the largest statue in the world. It is also a symbol of freedom for people all over the world. Visitors can see the statue from afar, especially from Battery Park, or they can take a ferry to get up close and personal with it in New York Harbor. Visitors to the statue site can buy grounds tickets, pedestal tickets, or crown tickets, each of which gives them a different level of access to the structure.

Seeing both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in one trip is possible by booking a tour that includes both locations. The Skip-Line Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour + Pedestal Ticket Upgrade is a popular option because it takes away all the hassle of seeing the monument.

13. San Antonio River Walk

The River Walk in San Antonio is a lovely district full of places to eat, shop, and take in the sights. There is a large selection of eateries, from fast food to fine dining, all with outdoor seating in this pedestrian area along the San Antonio River in the central business district. Little boats float lazily down the river, framed by picturesque arched bridges. Large, old trees provide a cool canopy over the river and the trail below. Festivals and regular live performances both take place frequently along the River Walk to keep visitors entertained. There is a system of walkways called the San Antonio River Walk (or the Paseo del Rio) that runs alongside the San Antonio River in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. The River Walk is a commercial and cultural centre for the city of San Antonio, with numerous restaurants, stores, and art galleries. While originally constructed in the 1930s as a flood control measure, San Antonio’s River Walk has since become an integral and iconic aspect of the city’s history and culture. The walkway is nearly 15 miles long and is flanked with cypress trees, bright umbrellas, and outdoor patios. It is especially popular in the downtown area. Along the River Walk, guests can go for a stroll, take a boat ride, or eat at any number of excellent eateries. Several renowned landmarks, including the Alamo, scene of a pivotal fight in the Texas Revolution that took place in 1836, can be found along the River Walk. Fiesta San Antonio and the River Walk Christmas Lighting Ceremony are just two of the many cultural events and festivals that take place along the River Walk every year. Bars and clubs stay open late along the River Walk, making it a fantastic area to explore the city’s exciting nightlife. The River Walk in San Antonio is a must-see attraction for any tourist in the area. Natural wonders, historical sites, and a lively vibe all come together here.

14. Kennedy Space Center

A visit to the Kennedy Space Center is a must for anybody who has ever fantasized about being an astronaut. NASA spacecraft and the exploration of space in general provide a fascinating and informative show. Visitors of all ages flock to this destination, making it a must-do while in Florida. You might assume that your trip will be short and that all you’ll do is look at some spaceships before you go. Several visitors are taken aback by how involved they become throughout their time at the center and how long they end up staying there. The rocket garden, the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis, the Heroes and Legends display, and the Mission to Mars exhibition are just a few of the attractions.

Official site: https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/

15. St. Louis Arch

St. Louis’s iconic “Gateway to the West” is more than just a name; it serves as a striking visual emblem. The arch rises above the city and can be seen from far away, both during the day and at night, and it shines brightly in the midday sun and is lit up after the sun goes down. It’s located in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park and was constructed in the 1960s. There are convenient elevators that take tourists to the top of the arch, where they may take in breathtaking vistas of the city below.

Official site: https://www.gatewayarch.com/

16. Glacier National Park

The mountains in Montana’s Glacier National Park are among the most breathtaking in the country. The alpine terrain is a sight to behold, what with all of the mountains, lakes, glaciers, valleys, and waterfalls. Traveling down the renowned Going-to-the-Sun Road is a great opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery. This winding, narrow route opened in 1932 and hugs the mountainside as it climbs to 7,747 feet at Logan Pass. The elevation and weather conditions mean the route is passable only in the summer. You’ll want to take your time driving this route so you can stop at convenient pullouts to take in the breathtaking scenery. The East Lodge in Glacier National Park is one of the park’s older lodges, and it’s particularly impressive due to the amount of wood used in its construction. In addition to being a popular picnic spot, the park is widely recognised as one of the best places to go hiking in California. If you’re up for the challenge, alpine hiking trails will lead you to breathtaking views. Due to its remote location, most visitors anticipate spending at least a few days in the park. West Glacier’s historic lodges and hotels offer one option for lodging, while the park’s 13 campgrounds cater to campers of all inclinations.

17. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Monument is a must-see in South Dakota, so don’t miss it if you find yourself there. Overlooking the trees are the imposing profiles of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum, a single man, was responsible for the most of this monumental undertaking, which was finished by his son Lincoln after his father’s untimely passing. The massive stone skulls began to be carved in 1927 and took many years to complete in 1941. A lot of people visit the national memorial every summer. If you want to beat the crowds, getting there early is your best bet.

18. Sedona’s Red Rock Country

This small community is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arizona, yet it’s only a two-hour trip from Phoenix. It’s a great place for a day trip from Phoenix, thanks to its picturesque location among the red rocks, but it’s much better as a vacation spot. Sedona deserves at least two nights to fully appreciate. Some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in this city, and there are also numerous high-end hotels and spas. Sedona boasts great hiking, mountain biking, and camping, and its eccentric atmosphere makes for a pleasant vacation for the whole family. Travelers go to Sedona at all times of the year, but the spring is when the trees bloom and the occasional desert rain storm hits.

19. Wakiki

Waikiki is a popular beach for Americans since it is located on a gorgeous tropical island in the Pacific Ocean and yet has all the conveniences of North America. Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, famous for the long stretch of golden sand beach that runs parallel to the water and is backed by hotels and shopping centers. Try your hand at surfing on a rented board, browse the shops after a day at the beach, and dine at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. This is an excellent vacation spot for any type of traveler, from families to romantic getaways to solo trips.

20. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Although the magnificent peaks of the Rockies can be seen from many points across North America, Colorado is one of the best places to see them due to its mild climate and charming mountain communities. Around fifty peaks rise to an elevation of 14,000 feet or more, making this a stunning place for viewing and appreciating mountain life, along with the many waterfalls that dot the landscape. Popular outdoor activities in the summer include trekking, biking, and rafting. The mountains are a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts, including skiers and snowboarders.

Colorado is home to some of the finest ski resorts in the Americas. Vail, Aspen, Telluride, and Durango are among the top destinations in Colorado. From Durango, you can go on scenic drives like the San Juan Scenic Byway and the Million Dollar Highway. Both of these drive through beautiful mountain scenery and old mining towns like Silverton and Ouray. You can also take a scenic day trip across the Rockies on the Silverton & Durango Small Gauge Railroad. Mesa Verde National Park may be found in the southwestern region of Colorado, just over an hour from Durango. It is situated on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. The amazing Native American cliff dwellings seen in this area have earned it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In the end, these places are more than just places for tourists to visit. They offer an experience and a way to get to know the heart of each city. Whether it’s the huge billboards of Times Square, the charming cobblestone streets of Boston, or the peaceful river walkways of San Antonio, each place offers a unique and unforgettable experience that people from all over the world can appreciate and enjoy.

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