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The Top Jobs You Can Do Abroad

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Many people throughout the world would like to work overseas, but many don’t know where to begin looking.
There is a wide variety of overseas employment possibilities, but many of them are either incredibly competitive or need extensive training and certification.

These professions include pilots, doctors, and other medical professionals. These tasks are reserved for a chosen few. Then why not take advantage of the simpler job market overseas?

Here is a brief list of careers you can investigate if you want to work overseas.

English teacher

Among the most well-known occupations is that of educator, and in particular that of English language instructor.
  Your qualifications and the country you choose will play a major role in the quality of the work and the compensation you receive.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to English plus a TEFL/TESOL certificate of at least 120 hours is the bare minimum required to pursue a career teaching English overseas.

Your opportunities may multiply tenfold if you earn additional credentials, such as a CELTA or a degree in education.

English is sometimes only taught to native speakers in such countries. Job prospects are typically greater for people who are American, Canadian, British, Irish, South African, Australian, or New Zealand citizens.

Business Advisor

Since many developing nations rely on expats to establish business relationships, trade counseling is a booming industry. Being a trade consultant is a terrific option for people of any nationality.

Salary potential is comparable to that of instructors, or perhaps higher, depending on the specifics of the firm and country.

  I’ve heard that trading tires, cement, and pet toys is particularly common. Job opportunities in international trade are typically discovered through agents.

Talent agency

The talent agency is a continuation of the business consultant. While working for a talent agency can be incredibly challenging due to the high level of effort required and the long hours involved, the rewards are substantial for those who succeed.

Agency representatives are actively searching social media platforms like LinkedIn to identify qualified candidates for international job openings. Most of these positions will be offered to you directly by talent agencies.

What’s not to like about the opportunity to earn a six-figure commission while exploring the world?


A excellent bartender is universally admired by expats. When you feel comfortable with the individual taking your order, you tend to spend more money.

Bartenders put in more hours than the average worker, yet the wide variety of people they interact with opens up many doors for them.

If you can tolerate wild evenings and the occasional tipsy English instructor, working as a bartender is a fantastic way to make money while traveling.

Freelance Writer

Working as a freelancer in another country can present some additional challenges. If you intend to freelance as your sole source of income after moving abroad, you should have established a reliable clientele.

With the right visa, you may be able to work independently in some nations. There are more than 30 countries that fit this description, some of which include Germany, Spain, and Costa Rica.

If you want to adopt the nomadic, digital-age lifestyle, here is the way to do it. Not everyone would benefit from this, but you can consider it.

Hospitality Worker

Working in the hospitality industry is a fantastic way to see the world, as there are always hotels in need of foreign workers. As an alternative to hotels, working aboard cruise ships is also an option.

The Hilton hotel chain is one that frequently searches for workers outside of the United States, and it normally hires just one or two people from a non-English speaking country at each of its locations.

Those uninterested in instructing or trading have another excellent choice in this field.

Exactly which Career Should One Pursue? It All Depends on Your Plans and Objectives
There are a plethora of opportunities to work overseas. It seems to me, though, that these six are the easiest to get to.

Investigate these opportunities and determine if they fit with your long-term plans. Need to cut costs to go on weekend adventures and take vacations? If so, instructing English as a foreign language could be a good fit for you.

Ready to go wherever you like with your established writing career? What a great time to be a freelancer!

Whatever you want to do and however you want to go about doing it are both up to you.

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