Why You Need to Strive in Your Twenties

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How come twenty-somethings today seem to have less time to do anything but chill out?

To me, that is just illogical. It appears that younger generations are becoming accustomed to staying at home with their parents, staying in jobs they despise, and not planning for their futures.

As a former procrastinator, I can attest to how effective this strategy can be. I always said I would get around to it later, but later never came.

Coming up next week is my 26th birthday, and the thought of it gives me the willies.

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I left college. Those years were the Roaring Twenties, and nobody is taking it easy.

Keep reading if you don’t want to be depressed, have more responsibilities, and feel a little less energised beyond the age of 30.

You should take advantage of this time in your life to build wealth and secure your financial future.
Aging might make us feel physically weaker than we once were. To maintain our physical health, we must regularly attend the gym and consume nutritious meals.

In any case, that’s beside the issue.

More obligations come our way as we age; for example, we may desire to start a family once we’re married.

The flame that once burned brightly in your heart has died out, or time has run out before you can give your dreams a proper attempt.

I’m almost thirty and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. A little bit disoriented, but not so much that you stick to what’s familiar and comfortable, and a lot lost, so that you may look forward to what’s next without worry.

Beyond my regular job, I manage social media accounts and produce content for them. Once I thought this was the limit, but after discussing it with my high school best friend, I realised there was even more potential.

Less than one percent of those in their twenties are devoting significant spare time to meaningful pursuits.
Do you work a full-time job and find yourself exhausted upon arrival home? Everyone else is, too.

Do you want to kill time with Netflix or Tik Tok?
Or are you hoping to find something more fulfilling than merely a means to an end?
We are most impeded by the pursuit of wealth, which is the thing that can most effectively halt our progress. Therefore, we engage in labour. It’s inconvenient that we have to put in hours at weird hours. It could start as a pastime or a side gig and eventually become our primary source of income. It might lead to an entirely new career path.

After a long day at the office, you might decide to go out for drinks, sleep, or actively seek entertainment.

But that doesn’t challenge me enough. There are those of us who are fine with doing things the same way every time.

It’s puzzling that so many individuals complain about being miserable or depressed but do nothing to improve their circumstances.

While I agree that one should try new things and live life to the fullest, I believe that moderation is key.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and as each one passes, you inch closer to your thirties.
Fear of reaching my thirtieth year has me dreading this milestone. I feel like I should be able to pay my rent and utilities without having to worry about money.

To estimate how much time we have left, let’s conduct some simple math:

We average 8 hours of sleep per night.
The average workday is 8 hours long.
There are still some six hours left.
In your six hours of “free time,” how are you spending it?

It might start to resemble mindless scrolling more and more. You might use it as a means to strengthen your body and get in shape. It’s possible that any of these statements are correct.

The true question is whether your extracurricular activities prepare you for the next decade.

Putting your goals and aspirations on paper, together with your strategy for achieving those goals, can be quite beneficial.

What, you can’t do it? Use of the Internet does not cost anything. There are many helpful resources available, including blogs, YouTube channels, and books.

You should make an effort to use part of your leisure time to acquire a talent that can be used to support yourself financially.

When compared to the average person, you’ll be miles ahead if you’re developing a product that can be marketed.

I’m not attempting to convince you that everyone should be an entrepreneur. It’s no picnic being a business owner.

All of us have something to contribute, and that’s the point I’m making. The message could be an advertisement. What we know could be the key.

It’s possible that when you’re in your twenties, you’re brewing a future source of income. After a while, you’ll be in your thirties and beyond and realising that you need to start earning money to support your current way of life.

To sum up, many of us have slowed our response times since the Pandemic began. As its significance diminished, many people were accustomed to putting themselves first to the point that they lost their motivation to improve.

We should always push ourselves to do more, but not to the point where we exhaust ourselves.

We’ll regret how much time we squandered as we get older if we don’t stop wasting it now.

Anyone over the age of twenty considers themselves envious of our situation.

Don’t let us be the generation that regrets not making the most of their twenties. To the contrary, let’s keep aiming for the moon and stars.


It all depends on what you prioritise. It is common for people in their twenties to put off settling down in favour of exploring the world, making new friends, and trying out exciting activities. Some people focus on elevating their careers and making names for themselves in the business world, while others don’t. Both methods have their merits, so strike a balance that works for you.

Remember to take pauses and schedule in some time for things that bring you joy and relaxation if you choose to focus on work. But if you choose to relax and enjoy yourself, you should still keep an eye on the future and make sure you’re making progress toward your goals. Doing what brings you joy and satisfaction is the most crucial thing.

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