Sales Skills For Using In Everyday Life

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About 40% of our daily communication is sales-related, whether or not we like it. When most people think of a salesperson, they picture someone who is desperately trying to sell you something that you have already shown some interest in by at least giving them the time of day.

I’ve developed some valuable sales skills as a result of my education and experience in the engineering field and as a sales professional. Whether it’s chatting it up with a complete stranger or trying to get your pal to watch a Hollywood film in English, communication is key. Discussion on Purchase Price with Store Owner, How to talk to a group without making someone feel like they don’t belong, how to get a friend or coworker to open up about their troubles, etc.

Exchange warm greetings.

Whether or not you’ve noticed this about salespeople before, every time they meet a new client or an old one for the first time on that particular day, they do it with a lot of enthusiasm. They would extend a powerful handshake that would make the other person feel great about meeting them. The salesperson would start off by inquiring about the person’s mood before moving on to discuss the person’s occupation or any other goal the salesperson knows the person has had in mind for some time.

Creating a network

An effective salesperson also makes an effort to develop personal connections with their clientele. Finding a shared interest or experience with another person is the most effective way to start a conversation and create rapport. Politics, art, film, literature, nonfiction, biography, career aspirations, and other similar topics are always hot discussion starters.

As my favorite author, Simon Sinek, puts it:

No, you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone who has a need for your wares. The point is to conduct trade with others who share your values.

Creating a network is akin to this idea.

It’s not necessary to hit it off with everyone. The point is to connect deeply with others who share your beliefs.

Ability to Listen

Most successful salespeople, when asked how they engage with customers, would tell you to hone your listening skills. If you want to be a great salesman, you need to let your customers do most of the talking and take notes so you can continue the conversation based on what they say.

This increased importance of making the other person feel heard and cared for is a direct outcome of the fact that in today’s digital environment, most conversations take place online or on social media rather than face to face. Therefore, honing this talent and putting it to use in everyday situations may enhance your genuine rapport with the other individual.

Forget about being turned down

Every day, salespeople have to deal with the rejection of potential customers. Because of this, they are not afraid to do anything. By not caring what other people think, you can do things that most people wouldn’t even attempt to begin with.

Getting over your fear of rejection is a crucial sales ability that can open doors you never thought possible. You just need one success, so keep trying until you get it. The biggest regret in life is not failing at something, but rather not even trying. As a result, hone this ability to benefit yourself and those around you.

Reasoning and Answering Questions

A salesperson’s typical day consists of fielding questions from customers about the product or products in their purview. Because of this, people are better able to overcome obstacles in all facets of life. If you’ve ever dealt with a salesperson in your personal life, you know that they always have a ready response ready for any criticism that might be offered against their judgment or choice.

Whether it’s from a parent, a friend, a coworker, or a business partner, everyone eventually hears criticism of their ideas, plans, and choices. So, the capacity to answer inquiries that are directed at us is a valuable sales talent that can be used in other contexts as well.


Distinct cultures have different approaches to the bargaining process. In certain nations, such as India, negotiations are conducted based on the price, whereas in others, they are conducted based on the offering made in the offers.

There is a common belief that women are born with the innate ability to negotiate, which shows up in the way they shop for anything from clothes to cars to groceries. Most people use and benefit from the sales skill of negotiation on a regular basis. For this reason, learning how to shop wisely and making the most of the things you buy is crucial.

A Plan to Reach Your Objectives

Anyone who has attended a sales meeting for a company knows that there is a lot of discussion about setting annual, quarterly, and monthly goals and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Achieving monthly goals leads to achieving yearly goals, therefore the atomic activities typically comprise what they need to do on a daily or weekly basis to get there.

Author Simon Sinek made the following point at one of these gatherings: “The reason we set annual goal is that that’s when we pay taxes.” Similarly to how a sales team sets and works toward its goals, a person should first identify what it is they hope to accomplish in life, followed by a detailed plan for how they intend to get there.


I pray that the aforementioned advice will aid you in enhancing your life through the application of techniques typically employed by salespeople. Successful salespeople, it is hypothesized, did not overnight become so because of the time required to hone their craft to the point where it becomes second nature.

Begin with picking one of the aforementioned abilities, then build on it by adding others until you have mastered them all.

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