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Perfect Jobs for World Exploring

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A way to take a break, get away from home and see the world while still earning a living is to work that requires you to move around a lot

Cruise Ship Worker

Do you have any cruise experience?
This job also has another attractive feature:
Six to eight weeks off in between gigs.

You spend months at sea, away from your family, and then you come back to land and you’re on vacation for eight weeks.
However, there is a caveat.
Yes, the vacation durations are lengthy but the work shifts feel even longer. Crew members on cruise ships typically put in long hours, working seven days a week and clocking in at roughly 10 hours per day.
However, this isn’t entirely negative news. Although the demands of the sea will determine your day, the lengthy hours will enable you put more money away.
Thankfully, cruise ship workers don’t have to worry about paying for housing or food.
Is it your preference to live on a ship?
While life on a ship has the potential to occasionally unsettle you, it also offers a wealth of exciting new experiences. In addition, it allows you to make a good living wage while not having to worry about paying rent.
Working aboard a cruise ship is an exciting opportunity to make money, see the world.

Cabin Crew member

Instead of steering the ship or floating on the water, you can just glide through the sky.
However, getting a job cloud-gliding could be challenging. But don’t just take my word for it. Look at what this person has to say.
Apparently, getting into the Delta flight attendant training program is more competitive than applying to Harvard.
What gives?
Applicants in the hundreds of thousands are common.
But if you do end up getting the job, it will be well worth the effort.
Picture yourself getting paid to take three flights a day.
Metropolises like Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami.
The entire world is your playground. Aside from not having to worry about a 9 to 5, you’ll have loads of free time to travel to new and exciting places throughout the globe.
Get in here, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for takeoff if you want to escape your family.

Railroad attendant

Throughout their careers, conductors often find themselves on the road. A lot.
Railroad operators, on the other hand, have one major advantage over the aforementioned options: the scenery.
The attendant’s cab provides an excellent vantage point from which to take in the spectacular scenery.
As a Railroad employee, one of the best perks is visiting regions of the country you might not otherwise visit.
Becoming an assistant conductor requires extensive training. You will be gone from home for eight to twelve weeks.
An attribution to this gentleman’s quote.
Is it true that you want this job?
Well, it is debatable on a number of fronts. Can you recall multiple signal systems, lift 80 pounds, and interact with a wide range of people?
The answer is yes, conductors do get their hands dirty.
The responsibilities include:
Taking in Ticket Payments
taking payments, advising riders of impending stops, fixing minor accident damage, and more
Working for Railroad is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a dynamic career that will provide you access to the world.


This shocking statistic shows that just about one-third of officials stay in their positions for a third year on average.
In what way, though, could this be so? Do the stakes have increased financially?
Certainly not in the Big Apple. Google claims that the weekly salaries of some New York City officials exceed $1,000.
It’s surprising that this is just the beginning of the story. Do you still hold grudges against that college ref who made the call that cost your team the game?
Indeed, he can earn $3,000 per game, giving him a high potential income.
Wait a minute, don’t rush things.
If you want to referee at the collegiate level, you’ll need some experience under your belt first. This includes serving as a referee in youth and amateur competitions.
However, there is a lack of referees in many places across the world because of verbal abuse from coaches, players, and supporters.
As a result, you now have a better probability of getting hired and progressing in your chosen field.
Put on your black and white stripes and start making the rounds across the state if you can handle the yelling of mad coaches and angry parents.

Truck Driver

One of the most dangerous occupations in the United States is truck driving.
They aren’t completely off base, either.
An estimated 4,800 people will lose their lives on the job in the United States in 2020, making this the greatest risk for introverts.
That’s exactly what I was thinking.
Exactly why am I advising you to become a truck driver?
The response could shock you.
Truck driving gave me the opportunity to interact with many different people, including several itinerant truck drivers.  

Advantages of a career as a long-distance truck driver:
Extra money is available on certain routes.
Beautiful views
prolonged times of being alone (perfect for introverts)
safety in one’s profession and more

Something a YouTuber said made me consider this: if you’re willing to undertake work that others aren’t, you’ll always find a job.

Get on the plane or ship now!
You’ll soon arrive at the land of hope.

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