How to Save Money When Traveling

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One should first search online for cheap hotels.

If you want to save money on hotels, you need to become an expert at locating offers online. This may entail forgoing some beach time in favor of your laptop. I once paid only $40 per night for a villa on a secluded, beautiful beach. For that price, you couldn’t even get a hostel bed in Europe.

We’ll give you that the plumbing wasn’t the best and that once a day the toilet wouldn’t flush at all and that occasionally a poop wouldn’t go down the whole way.

But… Those dingy public restrooms can go to hell! How about a private beach villa for only $40? Undeniably valuable.

Discover the local restaurants in your area.

Authentic cuisine is without a doubt better. Comparatively, it’s a lot less expensive than dining at upscale establishments. This is why 7-Eleven is my go-to for Thai food whenever I’m in Thailand. A local favorite of mine is the toastie, which you can get at any 7-Eleven. No, I’m not making this up. These are not available Down Under.

Toasties come in a wide variety of fillings and toppings, including but not limited to: simple cheese, ham and cheese, sausage cheese and fried egg, shredded pork and salad cream, banana cream and chocolate, tuna, mashed potato, crabstick and corn, carbonara, custard, and more. That’s just the beginning of a long list.

Select a low-cost carrier

Pick an airline where adding a 20-kilogram bag won’t cost more than the flight itself. Simply said, if you’re trying to keep costs down, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to check your bags. It’s imperative that nothing be included. Not even a seat, really. There’s no water in this desert! If you’re really thirsty, you won’t feel the urge to get up from your “designated” middle seat and use the restroom throughout the trip.

Take a bus during the early hours of the day

While flying business class may have its perks, nothing beats a fully flat bed on an overnight bus. In addition to saving money on gas and airfare, taking the bus can also help you avoid spending money on a hotel. Has it ever occurred to me that a bus driver may nod off during a nonstop 20-hour journey? Sure. But are you aware of how frustrating domestic flights can be? Ugh. This early arrival is required of you.

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