Reality – Truth and Knowledge

The terminologies or words “Truth” & “Knowledge” create a lot of confusion when we try to understand the parts of reality.

Truth is considered to be absolute and complete.
Whereas Knowledge is a work in progress, it’s objective and scientific but incomplete in the sense that it will be continuously improved upon and new things will be discovered.

Cogito, Ergo Sum

Are you real and is that true? How do we know that we weren’t just created last night we were sleeping and our memories were implanted into our minds?
Actually, you will never know, but that doesn’t matter/
“Cogito, Ergo Sum” which can be translated into, “I think therefore I am” expresses the reality which matters to you.
This cannot be proven by objective knowledge or evidence, your photos, government IDs, and Videos can all be fabricated with sufficiently advanced tech.
The only truth is that you are sentient therefore you are real.

Any debate founded on objective knowledge will have no conclusion or result in absolute truth.

The Matrix, Simulation & Reality

Ever since the first Matrix movie came out a lot of debate has been going on about whether we are in a simulation or not.
As per our objective knowledge, we are definitely living in a simulation, which is the simulation of our mind created by our brain which in turn takes the data from our sense organs and memories (Implanted or Not)

People understanding this simple analogy tend to panic and in addition to our own advancement in developing complex virtual environments in real-time, soon the difference between reality and the virtual world will be indistinguishable.

With VR projects from major corporations and their plans to replicate a second world in digital space, we will be soon enjoying much of our time in virtual space.
Virtual real estate is being sold at high prices already.
Soon a large part of humankind will spend their time in virtual worlds, the impact of this on society is yet to be seen.


The true despair will be when humanity has advanced enough to create a virtual replica of our world itself, will all the chaos and possibilities. Each person an independent sentient program living a life, but they are just software at the end. The development of neuromorphic computers has already begun with the working application of AI. The first stage will be an actual sentient AI which we are hell-bent on developing.


Every time I see something non-sentient but living things, a thought arises – If god was a programmer, programming that thing would be so simple.
Just 3 core purposes – Eat, Adapt, and Reproduce.
Nothing more, no thinking or self-consciousness, no tomorrow or yesterday, just live and act for now.
Maybe that was the efficient way to program things they aren’t interested in.