Lost in Life

Ever felt that hopelessness where your work/life has lost meaning? The world seems too crowded and you are just another cog in the machine waiting to be replaced?

Should I get up and start the journey again? Is it even worth it to search for a meaning or purpose? Sometimes it feels that it is better to go with the flow and just enjoy life, why go against the flow and make life even harder?

Will I even succeed in life, what difference will I make?

These questions were constantly popping into my mind.

And then I thought what’s wrong in trying? Maybe I will find something that makes me content with this life and it’s the only one I got.

But then as said by Henry David Thoreau “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

So here begins a journey of rediscovery. I will find ways to help myself and document the experiences so that this experience can help someone else too.

Thank you, Stay tuned for more updates.