The Greatest Motivational Line

You will Die

We all know this right? But do we really understand the depth of it?
You get one life, subtract 20 years from the beginning and maybe 5 from the end. Assuming a lifespan of 75 years we get 50 years of time to make an impact on the world or build a legacy.
In those 50 years, you really need to be happy too, else there is no point in living this beautiful life.

1. Find Happiness – You really need to let go of negative people in your life. They suck the soul out of your life, move out of your place, change your city/county, meet new people, build your group. Life should be lived happily no matter what.
2. Understand Time – Some think time in a constraint of their lifetime. But we all know how that works out. People will still watch movies, have fun, work, and live after they die. They would probably never even notice you were there. So I gave the first point to be happy, have friends, build a family, then give your best to the world.
3. Embrace Spirituality – Leave if you are a part of organized religion and embrace spirituality. Just be free and spiritual, no obligations necessary. You will find it easier to be at peace if you meditate along with being spiritual. I found isolated meditation to be a lot harder to understand and practice it.
4. Find a purpose – Do something that you love, That makes the world a better place, That gives happiness to others. Make yourself valuable to society and the world we live in.
5. Leave a Legacy – It can be in many forms, maybe you did some great work that helped humanity, or Maybe you raised your children to be valuable members of society. Do something that lasts longer than you and impacts people.

The thing is most people just forget how short one’s lifetime is in the grand scheme of things. Heck humanity’s existence is just a blip in the time scale of the universe, and we are thinking of ourselves, one single human entity.
One alone can’t change the world but together with others, we can be a part of something greater.
And to do that he must understand that he will die someday, blindly accumulating wealth will lead to nowhere. He must find a bigger purpose and share the journey of others in pursuit of it. And as always never forget to be happy, find finds, and make time for yourself.

Well all this until we somehow conquer death, then we can play games and watch movies all day. 😅